NoSQL Market Heats Up

NoSQL market is booming. In the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 we’re seeing a scurry of activity in the NoSQL market:

  • June 2012 Cloudant launches NoSQL data layer service for Windows Azure;
  • May 2012 10gen secures $42 million in venture funding;
  • January 2012 Amazon launches DynamoDB, a new NoSQL data service;
  • January 2012 Oracle announces the availability of Oracle Big Data Appliance and partners with Cloudera to provide an Apache Hadoop distribution and tools for the Big Data Appliance;
  • December 2011 Joyent launches SmartMachine Appliance for MongoDB;
  • November 2011 Cloudera Inc., the provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software and services, raises $40 million;
  • November 2011 Basho, the company behind Riak, raises $5 Mln;
  • November 2011 Danish Government licenses Basho’s proprietary enterprise NoSQL data Storage software to operate nationwide medical prescription card program;
  • October 2011 Oracle announces availability of Oracle NoSQL Database.
  • September 2011 Neo Technology, the NoSQL database developer behind Neo4j, raises $10.6 Million.

Darren Person, Chief Architect of Elsevier, evaluates Amazon DynamoDB as a distributed data store of choice:

“Elsevier is a $3 billion enterprise that provides science and health information to more than 30 million scientists, students and medical professionals worldwide. Each year we publish thousands of books, nearly 2,000 journals and more than 250,000 articles, which means our datasets are constantly and rapidly changing. We are always evaluating new technologies that will enable us to handle our large, varying workloads. Operating a distributed data store on our own is orders of magnitude more complicated and expensive to manage than traditional databases. DynamoDB delivers a high-performance service that can be easily scaled up or down to meet our needs, helping us eliminate complexity and lower costs.”

Max Schireson, president of 10gen, quoted in the company’s press release (MongoDB Extends Leadership in NoSQL), says that NoSQL is carving its niche in the huge RDBMS market:

“With enterprise customers such as Disney, Viacom and Telefonica, as well as Oracle and IBM entering the NoSQL market, we see NoSQL taking an increasing share on the $20 billion database market.”