Decoy (Honeypot) Network Market Forecast 2017-2022

IT system breaches have become a staple of news coverage. Hacking of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the latest and the most far reaching breach in the series of vicious cyber attacks that repeatedly knocked digital operations of government and corporate America. Decoy (honeypot) networks emerge as a frontline technology to divert cyber attacks elsewhere from vital nodes of IT systems … [Read More...]

Hadoop Market Forecast 2017-2022

The reports of Hadoop's demise are greatly exaggerated. The Hadoop market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 58% surpassing $1 billion by 2020. Hadoop took the Big Data market by storm in 2012 – 2014, a period marked by wave of mergers, acquisitions and financial rounds with high valuations. It would not be exaggeration to say that today Hadoop is the only … [Read More...]

Human Resources (HR) Software For Healthcare, Market Forecast 2017-2022

When it comes to innovation, healthcare is one of the most conservative industries, wherever in the world. The healthcare industry lags behind in implementation of new business process and IT technologies. The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, chronically underfunded, overloaded and understaffed. Healthcare is the direct opposite of those segments where talent management thrives. Yet the … [Read More...]

NewSQL Market Forecast 2016-2021

With a cumulative market surpassing $5 billion in 2016 – 2021, the NewSQL market is poised for strong growth at about 26% CAGR. NewSQL has emerged as a paradigm that promises scalable performance of NoSQL systems for online transaction processing (OLTP) read-write workloads while still maintaining the ACID guarantees of a traditional database system. The report covers NewSQL products, … [Read More...]

Human Resources (HR) Software Market Forecast 2015-2020

The HR market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2.4% reaching $9.2 billion by 2020. Despite lack of growth in such traditional segments of the HR software market as payroll, time and attendance, and benefits management, these segments still represent a big and lucrative chunk of the market. The growth in the HR software market is driven by talent management sectors … [Read More...]

Data Warehouse Acceleration Market Forecast 2015-2020

Why database warehouse acceleration in the first place? There is no such thing as good enough or fast enough in business intelligence. Moore's law does not keep pace with Big Data. Faster business analytics directly affects the bottom line of business and managerial decision making at all levels of enterprise. The data warehouse acceleration market is forecast to grow at a … [Read More...]